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European Social Fund Plus

Support in your country

Under the ESF+ shared management strand, the European Commission does not provide direct funding for projects. Member States and regions are responsible for the implementation of ESF+ funds.

They can largely decide how they wish to implement ESF+ funding. In agreement with the Commission, Member States may choose to have only a single national ESF+ programme, implement the ESF+ through a set of regional programmes or combine both approaches. ESF+ managing authorities will then select projects based on their relevance to national and/or regional programmes. Details on the adopted programmes and their managing authorities are provided on the national pages, which can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Organisations and individuals interested in applying for ESF+ funding – or wishing to submit a project proposal – should consult their national/regional ESF+ portals. Links to portals can also be found on the national pages, which provide contact details for ESF+ Managing Authorities.