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European Social Fund Plus

The ESF+ in Slovenia

ESF+ banner Slovenia
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The EU will invest EUR 665 million in ESF+ funding in Slovenia for upskilling and lifelong learning to help people prepare for the green and digital transition, for improving the working conditions of older workers by training employers and adapting workplaces and for enhancing social inclusion. Young people with special needs will get support to access education and the labour market. 

Slovenia will also use some of its ESF+ funds to promote healthy and active aging and invest heavily in its long-term care system. Community living will be supported by investments in social and community services, recruitment of new staff and training and modern educational programmes. Healthcare and mental health services – which are critical for the well-being of society, will be enhanced.  

Money from the ESF+ will also help reduce social exclusion and the risk of poverty and fund projects that purchase food packages for disadvantaged groups at risk of poverty, including young people and children. 

These ESF+ investments will contribute to achieve Slovenia’s 2030 targets under the European Pillar of Social Rights by raising the rate of employment to 79.5%, adult participation in education and training to 60% and by reducing the number of people at risk of poverty and social exclusion by nearly 9 000. 

Slovenia is implementing ESF+ via two national programmes. The European Cohesion Policy programme 2021-2027 in Slovenia comprises funding from ESF+, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Cohesion Fund and the Just Transition Fund. The Programme for Material Deprivation is an ESF+ only programme. 

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