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European Social Fund Plus

The ESF+ in Belgium

ESF+ banner Belgium
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The EU will invest EUR 1.3 billion in ESF+ funding in Belgium to promote social inclusion, employment support, up-and reskilling and modernisation of education and training policies and systems.  

ESF+ programmes include up- and re-skilling measures for unemployed and workers to help all people in working age acquire new skills to find and sustain quality jobs. The funding will also support reforms in employment, education and training policies, contributing to better social inclusion and addressing skills mismatches and labour shortages in the job market. 

Activities under the ESF+ will also increase employment support, with a focus on young people. This will help them to successfully apply for jobs, for instance through advice services on career planning and traineeships. 

The ESF+ in Belgium will also invest in active social inclusion for vulnerable groups, focusing on people from a migrant background, low-skilled workers, long-term unemployed and those who are currently neither in a job nor seeking employment. Funds will also combat child poverty through funding community-based care services. Food and material aid for the most deprived people will also be increased. 

Investments by the ESF+ will enable Belgium to achieve its 2030 social targets under the European Pillar of Social Rights  by raising the employment rate to 80%, adult participation in education and training to 60.9% and by reducing the number of people at risk of poverty and social exclusion by nearly 279 000.   

The ESF+ in Belgium is implemented through four regional and one national ESF+ programme. 

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