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European Social Fund Plus

The ESF+ in Croatia

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The EU will invest about EUR 2 billion from ESF+ funds in Croatia to boost quality employment, skills, education, healthcare, and social services in Croatia. Well-designed active employment support, in particular for women, young people and vulnerable groups, will go hand-in-hand with improving the capacity and modernisation through digitatisation of labour market institutions, such as public employment services.  

Investments throughout all education levels will provide tangible improvements in the education system, from early childcare to adult learning. The ESF+ will also strengthen upskilling and reskilling to better match changing labour market needs. 

The risk of poverty and social exclusion is particularly high for older people, women, and persons with disabilities. The ESF+ will therefore strongly invest in the social care system, particularly for persons with disabilities, long-term care, and aid for the most deprived.  

These ESF+ investments will support Croatia in achieving its 2030 social targets by raising the employment rate to 75%, adult participation in education and training to 55% and reducing the number of people at risk of poverty and social exclusion by nearly 298 000. 

Croatia is implementing ESF+ via the Efficient Human Resources national programme, with a total budget of EUR 2,3 billion (out of which EUR 1,93 billion from EU funds).  

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