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European Social Fund Plus

The ESF+ in Portugal

ESF+ banner Portugal
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The EU will invest EUR 7.8 billion ESF+ funds in Portugal towards socially inclusive and skills based economic development. The aim is to improve access to the labour market through measures combining social and employment support and work experience, up and re-skilling, quality education, vocational training and career guidance. Combating poverty and social exclusion will be supported through food and material assistance – including for children, thereby contributing to implement the European Child Guarantee. 

Enhanced support to the outermost regions (Açores and Madeira) will reduce territorial disparities in access to healthcare, education and social services. It will also focus on increasing youth unemployment and eradicating poverty and social inequalities. 

The ESF+ investments will enable Portugal to achieve its 2030 targets under the European Pillar of Social Rights by raising the employment rate to 80%, adult participation in education and training to 60% and reducing the number of people at risk of poverty and social exclusion by 765 000. 

Portugal implements ESF+ through two thematic programmes, one for demography, qualifications and inclusion and the other for innovation and digital transition which comprises also investments from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). These are complemented by seven regional programmes, three of which include resources from the Just Transition Fund (JTF) with further support for socio-economic development across the country.  

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