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European Social Fund Plus

EaSI for practitioners

There are several ways to benefit from the EaSI strand, even without applying for grants or tenders. Interested persons can take part in conferences and other events open to the public organised by the Commission, EaSI beneficiaries and others. Such events are highlighted on this website in the ‘News’ section and also on the Funding and Tenders Portal ESF+ EaSI page in the section ‘What’s new’.

Furthermore, one can approach EaSI beneficiaries directly to learn more about their activities by visiting the ‘Projects and Results’ section on the ESF+ EaSI Funding and Tenders portal page, as well as on this website by clicking ‘Projects’.

Moreover, since the EaSI strand aims to build on social needs it seeks the active feedback from key stakeholders, including social partners and civil society organisations. For this reason, the Commission holds strategic dialogues with key EU-level organisations representing their member civil society organisations in the employment and social areas.

The EaSI Technical Working Group composed of the European Commission and government representatives of the Member States, as well as of third countries associated to the strand. It oversees that the voice of key stakeholders is heard when the EaSI Annual Work Programmes are being prepared. This EaSI TWG also discusses the implementation aspects of the EaSI strand. More information can be obtained on the EaSI in your country page.

The EaSI strand Annual Work Programmes listed per year can be found by navigating to DG EMPL's publications and documents page.  

These work programmes present the activities (calls for proposals, procurements, etc.) to be implemented in the coming year(s).

The EaSI team at the European Commission’s DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion can be reached by email at: