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Europäische Sozialfonds+
Social Innovation Match (SIM)
Find Europe's best social innovation projects and organisations!
New ALMA initiative financed by ESF+
ESF for recovery
REACT EU (2021-23) and ESF+ (2021-27) will support the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis
The European Pillar of Social Rights
Making social rights a reality through ESF+ funding
Fi-Compass advisory platform
for EU shared management financial instruments


Ukrainian women rebuild their lives in Italy with ESF support

Two years on since the Russian military aggression on Ukraine, millions of Ukrainians are getting support to restart their lives in EU countries beyond the immediate border. In Italy, the PUOI project is helping them access the labour market.

€22 million for addressing societal challenges arising from the war on Ukraine

The European Competence Centre for Social Innovation has launched a new call for proposals aiming at mitigating the societal impacts caused by the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Was ist ESF+

What is esf+ collage
Der Europäische Sozialfonds+ (ESF+) ist das Hauptinstrument der Europäischen Union (EU) für Investitionen in Menschen. Mit einem Budget von beinahe 99,3 Mrd. EUR für den Zeitraum 2021-2027 wird der ESF+ auch weiterhin einen wichtigen Beitrag zu Strategien und Reformen in den Bereichen Beschäftigung, Soziales, Bildung und Kompetenzen leisten.