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Homes, training and jobs: what’s the reality of Social Europe?

Ahead of the EU elections, Euronews Real Economy travelled to Romania and France to meet people whose lives have taken a new turn, thanks to EU funded solidarity initiatives for building a strong social Europe.

Beyond stigma: Latvia’s inclusive initiatives for people with disabilities

The ‘Step into another’s shoes’ campaign was designed to increase public understanding, empathy and support for people with disabilities. It was built on the idea that the best way to understand someone is to step into their shoes.

Kas yra ESF+?

What is esf+ collage
„Europos socialinis fondas +“ (ESF+) yra pagrindinė Europos Sąjungos (ES) investavimo į žmones priemonė. Naudodamas beveik 99,3 mlrd. EUR 2021–2027 m. biudžetą, ESF+ ir toliau svariai prisidės prie ES užimtumo, socialinės, švietimo ir įgūdžių politikos, įskaitant struktūrines reformas šiose srityse.