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European Social Fund Plus

Find partners

The Funding and Tenders portal provides applicants with the opportunity to find partners using the dedicated partner search facility of the Funding and Tenders portal:

Another useful source can be found on the general partner search facility on the Europa website.

Applicants can also consult the overview of the earlier awarded EaSI projects in the search of partners, looking at the work these bodies have already carried out. The projects and organisations funded by the EaSI programme following calls for proposals in the reports can be found by clicking here.

For the EaSI strand this information can be found at the ‘Projects & Results’ section on the ESF+ EaSI Funding and Tenders portal page, as well as on this website by clicking ‘Projects’.

The Financial Transparency System also provides information on the projects awarded under EaSI, including the organisations involved in these projects and can be consulted, selecting ‘EMPL – Directorate General for Employment Social Affairs and Inclusion’ as Responsible Department and ‘1.1.6 – Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI)’ as action type. By clicking ‘additional options’ users can further differentiate between ‘grants’, ‘prizes’, ‘public procurement’, etc.