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Social Innovation Match

Picture of people working on a computer and text Let your successful social innovations work throughout EU
Let your successful social innovations work throughout EU

The Social Innovation Match (SIM) aims to promote the transfer and/or scaling-up of social innovation across Europe.

You can find there inspirational examples and organisations with whom you might want to work in the future.


Which areas are covered?

Social innovation examples gathered in the Social Innovation Match have a wide coverage: they can be funded from public or private sources and can be local, regional, national or European. The thematic focus is around investment areas of the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+), i.e. initiatives related to employment, education and training and social inclusion.

What does SIM offer?

The SIM includes:

  • Social innovation initiatives from across Europe have the possibility to filter initiatives by country, type of initiative, theme of organisation, level of action, status and source of funding
  • Social innovation organisations from across Europe and the possibility to filter organisations by country, level of action, theme of organisation and type of organisation.

Currently, around 150 social innovation initiatives are already visible.

How to become part of the Social Innovation Match?

As a project promoter or stakeholder, you can upload your social innovation initiative and / or organisation profile directly to the database. In order to do so, log in to this website using EU Login (or create an account if you do not have it yet (on the top of the page)). You can then upload your organisation and social innovation initiative by following the instructions following the buttons “Create new Case study” and “Create new Organisation”.

Local, regional and national initiatives will be validated against quality and appropriateness by a national validator, such as the National Competence Centre for Social Innovation, transnational and EU-level social innovation initiatives will be validated by the European Competence Centre for Social Innovation.

You may also find more information about SIM on SIM user guides page.

In case of any problem or question regarding SIM, please contact the European Competence Centre for Social Innovation by e-mail at

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