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More than a roof over the head: how social housing in Czechia is offering hope

More than a roof over the head: how social housing in Czechia is offering hope
© The City of Ostrava

Housing is a basic human need. Everyone needs a place to live. In Ostrava, Czechia, the ESF+ is helping people to rebuild their lives, starting with a roof over their head.

Through the Social Housing Initiative, funded through the Employment Plus programme, individuals and families in need can approach a dedicated contact point for housing in the city of Ostrava.

Here, those with serious housing issues are offered help and, if eligible, are allocated a social apartment. The city's proactive approach has already changed many lives, with 59 households benefiting from this project.

Petra, the mother of eight-year-old Daniel, shares her story. After a personal crisis left her and her son without shelter, Petra discovered the social housing programme.

Within a month of applying, the city provided her with an apartment. “We were very happy to get the apartment. We think of it as a new beginning, a new life, a new chance after 3 years,” says Petra.

The initiative provides more than just housing. The support continues even after moving in, with social workers making regular visits to the new residents to ensure they remain secure in their new homes. This sustained support has a high success rate, with over 85% of participants maintaining their housing stability.

The impact is profound. Parents, like Petra, can focus on their careers, while children, like Daniel, can enjoy the stability needed to forge new friendships and thrive in a secure environment.

Ostrava's project shows how targeted financial support can create lasting change, providing not just housing but a renewed sense of opportunity. This programme is set to continue its crucial work until 2025, promising a brighter future for many more residents of Ostrava that need social housing.

Project details

Project name
Development of social housing in the city of Ostrava
The City of Ostrava
Project start
Project end
Contact details
Nikola Gelová
Total budget
EUR 994 590.91 on date of publication
EU Budget contribution
EUR 763 168.64 on date of publication