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European Social Fund Plus

Renewing skills for a renewable future in Schleswig-Holstein

Solar panels

In the face of climate change, Schleswig-Holstein in Germany is emerging as a leader in green energy. This move towards renewable energy, like wind and solar, is reshaping the local job market, requiring new skills, especially in innovative areas like electric vehicle technology.

The Renewable Energy New Electric Skills (RENES) project – a strategic part of the region’s ESF+ programme – addresses this need for new skills by creating training courses for electrotechnical roles. 

These courses cover key areas such the installation of photovoltaic systems and the conversion of traditional vehicles to electric models. The project aims to equip the local workforce with the skills needed to thrive in this evolving sector.

What sets RENES apart is its innovative approach to vocational training. Using virtual and augmented reality makes training more engaging and ensures that it remains relevant in a rapidly advancing digital landscape.

State Secretary Tobias von der Heide highlights the project's importance: ‘To succeed in the energy transition, we need a mix of skilled professionals and enthusiastic young workers knowledgeable in renewable energy technologies and processes. People are central to this change, and offering quality training to employees is key to success.’ 

RENES ensures that these new qualifications are industry-standard and formally recognised by working with local commerce and industry bodies. This reflects the project's focus on practical skills for the renewable sector that match labour market needs and provide sustainable jobs for participants.

As the region aims to position itself as a renewable energy hub, RENES is key in aligning economic growth with sustainable practices, equipping the workforce for future challenges and contributing to the fight against climate change.

Project details

Project name
Renewable Energy New Electric Skills (RENES)
OffTEC Base GmbH & Co.KG
Project start
Project end
Internet and social
Contact details
Beate Buhl (Project Leader)
+ 49 4662 89127-0
Total budget
€ 497.826
EU Budget contribution
€ 199.130