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Czech victims of violence find a path to a new life

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Victims of sexual violence in Czechia can get help to overcome the trauma of abuse thanks to the ProFem 2.0 project which is co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF).  

The Centre for Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence has long been dedicated to supporting victims of crime and specifically victims of domestic and sexual violence. As part of the ProFem 2.0 project it focused on improving the set-up of services for the victims, including the way social work is provided. The centre applies a human-centered design to build real solutions to the problems victims encounter as they leave abuse relationships.  

Using this holistic approach, the service empowers persons at risk of domestic and sexual violence. The project also raises awareness about the issue by organising events that target both the public and women who have been victims but did not dare to seek help.  

Through active participation of both experts and victims, the project contributes to solving complex structural problems associated with the elimination of domestic and sexual violence. This collaboration has built a body of best practices, as well as a network to share this knowledge. These combined efforts have also led to the opening of the first ‘PORT’ centre, where service users can access at one location crisis assistance and accommodation, social and legal counselling and medical services.  

As a result, Profem 2.0 has been able to develop six new tools for empowering workers and psychotherapists. The project has seen a 45% increase in services and is now able to see nearly three times as many women in need since its launch in 2019.

Kateřina, a participant in group therapy, said: 'The group has given me a lot, suddenly I can live a normal life and enjoy the little things.' Lenka, another participant, described the project as 'such a safe place that I could talk about things I've never told anyone'.

Profem is also part of the NeNa Coalition and the European network WAVE (Women Against Violence Europe). The organisation regularly builds good practices and recommendations from data gathered at its projects, publishes advisory and informational publications and focuses on legislative lobbying to build support at the regional and national level. 

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Profem 2.0
proFem – centrum pro oběti domácího a sexuálního násilí, o.p.s.
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