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European Social Fund Plus
SIM case study2024-05-31

Competence and career center programs

WoW University is an online non-formal adult university in Lithuania. Since 2019, the organization has been dedicated to creating educational solutions to deliver quality soft skill education across the country, with a special focus on women's education. In 2022, the Competence and Career Center was established to upskill and reskill unemployed individuals, particularly those from disadvantaged groups. The socially vulnerable groups of women we have included are:

Long-term unemployed due to family responsibilities
Women engaged in childcare (disability, autism, or cancer)
Women with disabilities
Older women
In 2023, we piloted the program with a limited cohort of 34 women, of whom 21 found employment within two months of completing the program. Since the beginning of this year, the program has been made available to both men and women, as market research and internal surveys have shown interest from both genders in this upskilling and reskilling initiative.

Case study details

Lead organisation
Upskilling and reskilling
Level of action
Source of funding
Public - local
Programming period
Since 2022, the University was established in 2019
Project start
Type of initiative
Empowering people
Both men and women, with an emphasis on people in rural areas and disadvantaged groups.
Internet and social
EU fund