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European Social Fund Plus

Brewing new jobs for Poland’s most vulnerable

Workers of the brewery
© Browar Spółdzielczy

The Browar Spółdzielczy (Cooperative Brewery) is a Polish business that is currently riding a growing wave of popularity for craft ales. However, Browar Spółdzielczy isn't a typical microbrewery. 

With support from the European Social Fund, the social enterprise creates opportunities for workers with intellectual disabilities who have struggled to find jobs elsewhere.  

Browar Spółdzielczy is the brainchild of Agnieszka Dejna, the president of the Spółdzielnia Socjalna DALBA (DALBA Social Cooperative), which owns the brewery in Puck and a pub in Gdańsk. 

Browar Spółdzielczy originated from the passion for beer, the sea, and the need for change,’ says Agnieszka. ‘Most of the employees of the cooperative are people who had no chance on the open labour market because of their disability.’

As well as mastering traditional brewing skills, the cooperative's employees build the essential numeracy, literacy, and organisational skills needed for successful integration in the workplace and wider society.

Agnieszka also highlighted the importance of this work at building vital social skills – further enriching the lives of employees: ‘Throughout the brewing process, our employees are building relationships and discovering friendships that will last a lifetime. For our employees, many of whom will have previously experienced isolation and loneliness, you cannot underestimate the importance of this opportunity.’

While Agnieszka is incredibly proud of the story behind the brewery’s success, she is also conscious that the project will need to be successful for its doors to remain open. 

This has led to further opportunities for employees to learn valuable business and networking skills. Browar Spółdzielczy has already sent employees on study trips to breweries in England and Denmark and has collaborated with international brewers on new beer ideas.

Agnieszka could not be prouder of the opportunities the brewery has provided, stating: ‘In our brewery and our pubs, we create jobs that are accessible for people with disabilities and mental illness. And at the same time, we are simply serving you a good beer.’

Project details

Project name
Spółdzielczy w Pucku (The Cooperative Brewery in Puck)
Spółdzielnia Socjalna DALBA (DALBA Social Cooperative)
Project start
Project end
Internet and social
Contact details
Agnieszka Dejna
+48 58 673 08 54
Total budget
EUR 630 000
EU Budget contribution
EUR 580 000